Standard and full body portraits include a variety of options to help us build a base for your custom piece. Use the drop down menus to select your preferences. This includes the number of subjects, your choice of color palette, optional text, and pets or objects if applicable. Color palette options include Natural and Retro. Natural has a variety of minimalistic colors whereas Retro uses the color theme presented on our instagram grid i.e., yellow, orange, pink, blue, and cream. Please make sure each drop down option is selected before adding to cart.


    After you have selected your options and purchased your commission spot: send an e-mail to jackandbecshop@gmail.com with all the details you want included in your portrait. Who and what is in your portrait? What do they look like? Do they have any distinguishable features that we must include? What are they wearing? What hairstyle do you want them to have? Do you have a preference for a background color? What would you like your text to say if applicable? Please be as detailed as possible and include photos, social media links, and any other helpful references.


    After your email has been sent and we have established a clear vision for your portrait we will began creating! Please expect a 1-2 week waiting period while we get to work on your piece. After we have finished you will receive a digital copy of your portrait via e-mail for approval. Once approved, your portrait will be shipped in a cardboard mailer to the address provided at check out. Please note: Minor changes requested after final project reveal may be honored, however, each set of minor edits will result in an additional fee of $10. Please be extremely detailed in your initial email to avoid edits and additional fees.